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Just Another Shirt

Just Another Shirt


My buddy Ryan and Chad gave me the idea for this one. We were joking about the irony of making just another shirt, which sparked the "Just Another Shirt" phrase. Because in reality, all I'm really doing is just making another shirts :)


This is a preorder sale. That means that production has yet to begin and these orders will enable me to fund the printing. Because of that, the shirts will be on sale. This preorder will only run for a limited time.


Shirts are 16% off during the presale!


All these shirts were made through linoleum carving and block printing. It gives the designs a really cool look because as much as I try to control how they look, there's always gonna be some random chaos to it. These also take a really long time to make and are kinda tricky but totally worth it. 


Those that purchase now will make me very happy and help me make some cool stuff that I really wanna see.  I really appreciate every order :)

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